New Host

So I finally got around to moving away from GoDaddy over to HostGator. So far so good. I had to re-install wordpress. I’ll have to see how the rest of the move goes.

On Weight Loss and Inspiration

I think I’ve put off blogging for long enough. Though today will regard my loss of about 218 lbs through nothing but diet, exercise, and some kind supervision.

I’ll save the details of my loss for another day as I’m on my walk now typing this on my phone.

This has happened more times than I can remember now. I’ve been stopped on my walk around my apartment complex and asked how much weight I’ve lost. Today struck me as special, as two kids approached me and asked the same of me. Both of them boys looking about 10 years old. One boy looked fairly athletic and skinny, the other looking fairly overweight for a boy his age.

The overweight boy has seen me before I lost my weight and wanted his friend to hear about it from me. Naturally the athletic boy didn’t believe that I had lost that much weight. So I showed him a picture of me before the weight loss. He still didn’t believe it was me and I couldn’t blame him as my whole face has changed since then. So I showed them more gradual pictures and he finally got it. But that wasn’t the best part.

After saying that anyone can do it if they put their mind to it, I went back to my jog. After a little bit I turn and see both boys racing each other to a gate. After the both touched the fence, the athletic boy stopped but the other boy kept going. Needless to say a wide grin formed across my face, thinking that just maybe my message got across.

At first I wasn’t sure about posting something like this as I want this space to be more technical in nature. Though I think I will spin the yarn from time to time my development efforts regarding my own body. I’ll commit my thoughts to the ether and hope someone finds it of interest one day.

Development Progress

It’s funny when a notification to moderate a comment (which was spam) gets me to finally post an update on my blog. I really need to start thinking up some good posts to make at one point and change this theme.

For now I’ll just throw out some current goings on with my current game project.

Not unknown by people close to me, I’m working on a game for iPhone (and eventually iPad/Android) with my brother using the Unity game engine. I’m doing the programming and he is doing the art. I’ve been making some progress as of late with the multi-player networking side of things. It isn’t grand, but I now have a MySQL database and .Net Socket server (Photon) running with a client setup to create an account and login with said account. Simple, but it got me over the learning curve of Photon. This took me approximately 32 hours of sleep-deprived coding fury this past weekend to accomplish, not counting the on and off looking at the code over the last few weeks. It boiled down to me just sitting down and making it work.

Having this simple setup gives me two things. One, it shows me how to make my own custom exchanges with the networking library. Two, the addition of the database to the networking gives me persistence of data which is going to be important for the character management and battle system I’ll be working on. There is still a lot of work to do and I hope to post more information on my developments as I go, with more details as I make things worth showing.

Currently my next area of focus will be getting better acquainted with the EZ GUI system I’ve chosen to do the UI work with so that I can get started with rough drafts of the character creation, selection, management and item shop screens.

Until next time.

Working My Way Around

I now have most of the plugins setup. Next I have to find a good theme as a base.

Made some progress on the my game project over the weekend but was slow going with some distractions. Will work on an actual post for next week.

Getting Started

Looks like I’ve finally decided to start using this space. I’ll be trying to post once a week on here about my development efforts and maybe some personal stuff every now and then as a way to better myself in areas of communication. The goal is get to 1 new post per week. Time to challenge myself. 🙂

Who knows, maybe I’ll actually post some stuff up here that others may actually find useful.